Friday, August 6, 2010

Don't Forget

Tonight I had a great reminder that I wanted to share with all moms especially rodeo moms.  We get so wrapped up in the day to day tasks that we forget a very important part of Life and Motherhood. Being a rodeo mom we have the responsibility of making sure that our kids are practicing and we forget to have FUN!  So tonight I threw a little fun into our practice.   

First, we had family and friends with us this always helps. Kids feed off of each other and without realizing they help each other reach new levels.  

Second,  I took some much needed one on one time.   I focused on my  younger son.   He loves to run barrels and poles but often his practice time gets shortened or skipped all together for roping.  

Third, we had a little friendly competition in the practice pen.  The boys were all flanking and tying calves.   When I say boys this is dads included.  They were timing each other and betting drinks.  My oldest son was struggling so I went over and joined the competition.  I bet him I could flank and tie a calf.  To everyone's amazement I did it.  This did two things. Gave me bragging rights and made my son try even harder.  It is not cool to get beat in front of your peers by your mom.    

Probably the most important thing is we were having fun.  There was no yelling and fit throwing.  I gained a new perspective which will aid me in coaching my kids in the practice pen.  We all know how important practice is to being number one but do we know how important fun practice is for having confident, happy, successful little cowboys and cowgirls.