Friday, April 24, 2009

Rodeo Queen Clothes Tip

by Edna Hancock

If you have ever wanted to be a rodeo queen you know that you need colorful wrangler jeans. When we started out I was told to just dye them to match the shirt. Alot easier said than done....but with a little practice you can be GREAT at it.

I have found that if you order from Dharma Trading Company I got better dye matches and they get the order to you quickly. The colors shown on the website are a really close match to what the actual color is. They will send you instructions on how to mix and the legnth of time that the clothes need to stay in the dye vats.

I have also learned that you should probably order the extras. The soda ash fixer and the synthrapol detergent. You should also use gloves. (I didn't have any when I dyed the purple pants and my hands were that color for a few days.) Also you need A LOT of white washclothes . I use these to make sure the color is that exact color that you want. It actually is alot of fun and now I LOVE to dye pants to match the shirts.

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