Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rodeo Mom Poem

Rodeo Moms

by Shauna Winter

Rodeo Moms are the meanest moms

That I have ever seen

I watch her as her kids compete

And all she does is scream

Kick, pull back, and hold on tight

Are things she’s known to say

I am quite sure that all the kids

Wish Mom would stay away

Mom wants her kids to win first place

No matter what the cost

It’s like she thinks that her own kids

Will be the next Lane Frost

It doesn’t matter what event

Barrels, Poles, or Goats

She only wants her kids to win

So she can sit and gloat

Now when it comes to roping

It becomes much more intense

She screams at them to catch their calf

Before it hits the fence

Rough stock events can’t be forgot

A mom will make a choice

To hide her face within her hands

Or let them hear her voice

A Rodeo Mom is oh so mean

Practice is a must

So when you hit the rodeo trail

It’s first place or bust

The lessons that I’ve learned so far

Is fun cannot be had

If you don’t win you better run

Cause Mom will sure be mad

I hope you know I’m kidding

No better Mom is found

The time she puts into this sport

To drag her kids around

First there are the clinics

That kids need to succeed

Of course kids have to clean the stalls

And learn how much to feed

They must also care for

The animals they ride

Because they know that if they don’t

Mom will “tan their hide”

Of course we never could forget

The reason for the chore

We take off each weekend

Which never is a bore

A Rodeo Mom will make her kids

Work hard at what they do

For she knows when they succeed

They are so happy too

The lessons that our kids have learned

While following the trail

Will help them as they go through life

And they will never fail

Among this group I’m proud to say

Are many of my friends

We all love this life we lead

And hope it never ends

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