Monday, March 1, 2010

A Rodeo Mom Moment

by Lisa Woodland

As I was busy doing the mom thing, getting dinner on, cleaning up spills, and answering the phone, I took a minute to look out my back window. Without any hesitation I dropped everything I was doing and ran for my camera so I could share this amazing photo with all of you. Looking at this photo I realize as a mom I have given my kids the best friends in the world. It is amazing to me the friendship and bond that my boys have with their animals.

As a little girl I remember sitting in my 8th grade English class looking out the window across the street and watching my best friend grazing in the pasture. I remember the day my son had a smokin' run on my best friend in poles. When you look at Champion Cowboys and Cowgirls you know that they are competing on their best friends.

I think that is what is so inspiring to me about Junior Rodeo is to watch these little kids and their big friends compete and perform. You know that love and trust exists between the two of them for a little boy to be able to climb the fence halter in hand and for that big guy to stand patiently while he is captured. Then in return that little boy has all the trust and confidence in the world to climb on that big guys back and run full speed around a barrel and pole pattern, climb off him full speed to tie a goat, or to back in a box at a chance to catch a calf. This is what makes champions an unbreakable friendship between horse and rider.

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