Friday, October 30, 2009

Cowboy Halloween

                   Traditionally Halloween is a holiday for dressing up as something different than you are everyday of the week.  When you are a cowboy
there is something about your loyalty that can't let you be something
different.   As hard as I have tried to convince my cowboy to be something
different for Halloween he always comes back to his roots.   This year is no exception!

2009  Cowboy Santa  
Chaps, Hat and cowboys boots included

2008   Zorro   Black Hat, Black shirt, Black Wranglers, Black boots  (I'm still a Cowboy)

2004 A knight isn't complete with out his horse

2003  Bullseye and Zeak (not Woody)

A rodeo clown was he for 2 years in a row because mom I'm not a clown or a bullrider I'm a roper.

Some other things we have in our cap are John Wayne, Man from Snowy River, and my favorite idea if they can make it work are Team Roping Partners, One is the Header, one as the Heeler.  I told them they had to be creative and they could do it next year.
Rodeo moms we have an obligation and duty to keep our heritage strong even on Halloween.  Be creative and have fun! Love the life we live and don't try to be different because it is Halloween, Celebrate your Cowboy Heritage because, it's Halloween.
From one rodeo mom to another.
  "Just let' em be Cowboys!'
 That's what they are.

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