Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goat Training Tip

A couple of ideas on getting your goat horse to run past the goat.

1) Put a bucket of grain at the bottom of the arena or tie a buddy horse at that end.
2) Practice running and getting off in the direction of the gate where the horse naturally wants to go. 


  1. One thing that I found helpful- many years ago when I was tying goats- and now that I'm helping other kids tie is to NOT step off your horse every time. I liked to ride my horse by the goat, but still make them rate when I need them to- and practice sliding my leg behind them, slide it back into the stirrup and keep them going forward. Stop them at the back end, and turn them to the left and go back and do it all again. When I was finished with my practice in high school and college I would also ride my horse to the spot where I wanted him to rate, and then I'd step off there, un-cinch and rub him. We want that to be a comfortable place to be.

  2. great suggestions we are going to try thanks.